Coin Collecting
Beginner Coin Collecting Guide: How to Collect Coins - NumisMaster
Find resourceful articles from the experts at NumisMaster tailored specifically for beginner coin collecting on how to to start a coin collection, buy coins, sell coins, clean and handle your collection
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How to Determine Value When You Sell Silver Coins - Coin Collecting - The Hobby of Kings
When it's time to sell a portion or your entire collection of silver coins, you undoubtedly want to get the best price possible. The coin collecting community as a whole uses a series of time-tested methods, but the first and most important step is knowing what you have and what it's worth.
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Learn the Basics of Coin Collecting
Learn how to start a coin collection the right way. Find out what kinds of coins to buy, how to find honest coin dealers, how to organize and display your coin collection and how to care for your coins. Get coin collecting tips like cleaning coins, avoiding counterfeit coins, and other sound advice for the beginning coin collector.
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