How To Take Your Business From Kickstarter To Amazon: The 'Sense' Story
James Proud took his business from Kickstarter to Amazon in a year, now he's sharing what he learned along the way.
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Two Maine companies are crushing their Kickstarter goals
increase font size Deep Blue Design and Zootility Tools each raise more than triple their original crowdfunding goals Two Portland-area companies have blown past their crowdfunding goals with hours to spare. As of Tuesday afternoon, Deep Blue Design and Zootility Tools each raised more than triple the amount of the original crowdfunding goals they set on Kickstarter.
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Kickstarter on public good over private riches: 'Don't sell out your values'
"We believe that a universe only driven by profit maximisation can be poisonous, to culture especially." In a single sentence during his appearance at the Web Summit conference, Kickstarter chief executive Yancey Strickler set out the principle behind the crowdfunding company's recent decision to turn itself into a public benefit corporation (PBC).
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