Aluminium and Steel Alternatives
Is there a sustainable alternative to concrete and steel when it comes to construction?
Answer (1 of 4): We're surrounded by concrete; it's in our buildings, our roads, our tunnels, and runways. In fact, we produce around 10 billion tonnes of concrete every year, that's more than a tonne each for every person on earth. Strong, durable, and affordable, the benefits of concrete are u...
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Any Better Alternatives to Steel?
There are a number of attributes that make materials desirable in constructing buildings. There are also various different ways to measure strength. Steel has been and will remain the dominant construction framework material for the near future because it has high strength, reasonable anti-corrosion characteristics (when properly managed), and low cost.
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Eco-friendly Steel Provides a Sustainable Future
Eco-Friendly Steel Provides a Sustainable Future A better understanding of how we use established construction materials is helping to shape the growing metal recycling industry across the world. As the construction industry continues to answer calls for green, eco-friendly building techniques, steel recycling in particular is emerging as a clear favourite.
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Is there any material which could replace steel structure and has good static and impact strength?
Answer (1 of 9): Everyone's looking for such a material. If you browse through sciencedirect or springer (two of the most popular editors of scientific publications), you'll find even too many papers on the subject. If you try googling the problem you will see a long list of websites and confere...
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Strong as Titanium, Cheap as Dirt: New Steel Alloy Shines
The strength of steel is proverbial, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. It's heavy, after all, and there are stronger metals out there. But researchers in South Korea have created an alloy that's as strong as titanium, lighter than ordinary steel, and cheap to boot.
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