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The Largest U.S. Companies 2016: Berkshire, Banks And Apple
Jamie Dimon may not be thrilled about all the regulatory burdens imposed on his bank, or the snail's pace of interest rate normalization, but one thing the JPMorgan Chase chief should have little complaint about is his bank's standing among the world's largest companies. JPMorgan ranks fifth on the 2016 FORBES [...]
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List of largest companies by revenue - Wikipedia
The availability and reliability of up-to-date information on prior state-owned companies is limited and varies from country to country; thus, this list may be incomplete. This list is shown in U.S. dollars, but many of the companies on it prepare their accounts in other currencies.
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America's Largest Private Companies
A total of 223 companies made it on to our 2016 list of the largest companies in America. Cargill, Koch Industries take the top two spots while Albertsons moves into No. 3.
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