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For now though here's 81 weird niches, some huge and some small, but they are all profitable....

#NicheSearch Volume
2Plantar fascilitis301000
4Wall decals135000
5Cabbage soup diet74000
6Jock itch74000
8Cake decorating60500
11Jai alai49500
12Bocce ball49500
13Candle making40500
14Lemonade diet40500
18Beer of the month club27100
19Handmade soaps27100
20Sumo wrestling27100
21Diverticulitis diet22200
22Gallbladder diet22200
24Sex furniture22200
25Flag football22200
26Angular cheilitis18100
27Nasal polyps18100
29How to make slime14800
30How to make rock candy14800
31Breast feeding diet9900
32How to make a bow and arrow9900
33How to build a dog house8100
34How to make crab cakes4400
35Antique guns2900
36Grow taller2900
37Hallelujah diet2900
38Smelly feet2900
39Safer sex2900
40Subway diet2900
41Hills science diet2900
42Chip carving2400
44Egg decorating2400
45Wwe ringside collectibles2400
46Parchment craft2400
47Pietra dura2400
48How to build a bat house2400
49How to build a compost bin2400
50Bigger butt1900
51How to build a cat tree1900
52How to build a drift trike1900
53African mango diet1600
54Bone carving1600
55Hat making1600
56Hospital supplies1600
57How to build a tree house1600
58Jadera diet pills1600
59Moose hunting1600
60Ninja training1600
61Progresso soup diet1600
62Thrive diet1600
63Trick photography1600
64How to build a end portal1600
65Alcachofa diet1300
66Belly button discharge1300
67Build a greenhouse1300
68Goat supplies1300
69Osteoarthritis diet1300
70Peptic ulcer diet1300
71Sand sculpture1300
72Shoe making1300
73Vertical jump training1300
74How to make fake snow1300
75Anti fungal diet1000
76Beyonce lemonade diet1000
77Butcher supplies1000
78Fructose malabsorption diet1000
79Gerson therapy diet1000
80Magic supplies1000
81Meat of the month club1000