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101 Free Online Journal and Research Databases for Academics | Scribendi
Has this ever happened to you? While researching an important paper, you come across an online journal database that claims to connect academics to high-quality peer-reviewed research. Intrigued, you search for keywords related to your topic, only to discover that you must pay a hefty subscription fee to access the service.
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Whether you're working on an undergraduate paper, a PhD dissertation, or a medical research study, we want to help you find tools to locate and access the information you need to produce well-researched, compelling, and innovative writing.

Check out the top 21 free online journal and research databases in this article, and click the link below to download the full list of 101 databases, completely free!

Jim Carrey Slams Mark Zuckerberg with New Artwork Post: 'Who Are You Sharing Your Life With?'
The actor posted a cartoonish portrait he painted of the tech mogul, 33, along with the caption, "Who are you sharing your life with?"
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5 Ways Marketers Can Improve Engagement in Social Media
It should be abundantly clear by now that unless they offer great content, organizations are not going to be able to engage with clients through social media. Recently, we saw that content engagement across social media had dropped by 50 percent in the past three years according to recent research from Buzzsuma.
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Vanderbilt alumni create social study abroad app
Landon Sanford, a 2016 Vanderbilt graduate, felt as though students abroad might find themselves scouring various recommendation platforms for popular destination. Recognizing the need for a centralized location for student recommendations and interaction, Sanford and fellow Vanderbilt graduate Hans Braunfisch founded , a free social study abroad app created specifically for students.
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New data shows just how much social sharing has decreased since 2015 (and News Feed tweaks are just one factor)
Publishers may be getting dinged - and in some cases destroyed - by Facebook's move to decrease the amount of publisher content in the News Feed, but the declines in social sharing have long been in motion. This week, analytics company BuzzSumo released a new report analyzing trends in socia...
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Social media in 2018: Time to grow up or get out
It's always tempting to see the present moment as the peak of chaos and disruption, whether we're talking about politics or just how those teenagers behave today. The same is true in marketing, because in many ways that profession is always in a state of chaos and disruption.
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